Purple Fig & Iris
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Blonde Enhance Purple Fig & Iris Toning Drops 4 fl oz


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Say buh-bye to brass with OGX Blonde Enhance + Purple Toning Drops! This highly pigmented and potent dark purple liquid dispenses into drops to add to your favorite shampoo, conditioner and cream-based styling products. Use it to brighten and color-correct yellow tones on silver, pre-lightened or natural blonde hair with strengthening ingredients like keratin, purple fig and iris. Rinse out or leave in. However you use these customizable drops, banish unwanted, brassy tones.

Add 3-5 drops to shampoo, conditioner or any cream-based styling product, while in-hand. Distribute evenly, rinse out or leave-in. Use as needed and stop once desired tone is achieved. Results may vary.

Full Ingredients

Formulated To:

  • Protect Color
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