The Case For Adding Hair Conditioner To Your Regimen

All of the benefits. None of the fuss.

You likely already have a good shampoo routine going. But what about hair conditioner? Surprisingly, it’s an often over-looked step, which is why we wanted to set the record straight. Browse our five carefully curated reasons on how to use conditioner and why it’s such an important step in your regimen.

OGXpert Franchelli Rodriguez demonstrating how to add conditioner to your hair care regimen


We’re often asked that age-old question how to get silky hair because it’s such a sought after, hair-commercial-worthy look. For hair that reaches its smoothest potential, you’ll want to keep your eye out for OGX smoothing conditioners that’s infused with one or more ingredients like shea butter, keratin proteins, argan oil in the formula. Here’s an expert hint: You only need about a half dollar amount each time you use it. We know it’s tempting to slather more on, especially when it smells like a five-star spa experience, but too much conditioner can weigh your hair down.


Yes, we absolutely recommend using a regular conditioner each time you shampoo. But, sometimes your strands need more. Give them what they deserve with an OGX hair mask that rinses out or an OGX hair butter that you leave in. Both options help to deep condition by adding extra moisture and shine to dry and dull hair. If you’re curious about how to deep condition your hair and the best ways to work it into your routine, head over to our How to Choose the Best Hair Mask for Your Hair Type article for all the deets.


Want show-stopping shiny hair? Conditioner! Look for ingredients like nourishing coconut oil, revitalizing vitamin E and others for hair that looks healthy and luminous. To avoid a next-day oily hair catastrophe, skip the roots and only apply conditioner to the ends and mid-section. Explore our line of OGX shine conditioners.


Like moisturizer for your skin, one of conditioner’s core jobs is to help restore moisture to dry hair. You can thank hot tools, blow drying and even environmental causes for the dryness. For questions on how to moisturize hair the right way, we turn to our trusty two-step routine. After cleansing with an OGX shampoo of your choice, follow up with an OGX conditioner from the same line to get the most mileage. Formulas from the same family are meant to work better together.


Got knotty hair? There’s a conditioner for that. Virtually any OGX conditioner is going to help you work through the tangles in or out of the shower. Just add a wide-tooth comb and you’re ready to glide through those strands like butter. Take a peek at How to Detangle Hair Like an Actual Pro for more on untangling that unruly mane of yours.

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