The best part? You can do it in 3 simple steps

Tangles. They’re utterly inescapable no matter your hair type or length. Before you go and chop off an extra dense and frustrating knot, read through this super quick guide and learn how to detangle hair before making a regrettable decision that will surely land you in your hairstylist’s chair.


You’re in between washes and wake up with a rat’s nest. Don’t panic. We’ll show you exactly how to untangle hair in this precarious predicament. Dry hair can be more susceptible to breakage, so be gentle as you try to detangle matted hair.

Woman with dry and tangled long, brown hair
  1. Grab your trusty brush or a wide-tooth comb
  2. Mist on a hair detangler spray or apply a small amount of OGX shine serum to your knots
  3. Brush or comb them out in small sections or use your fingers (P.S. Your fingers are a natural hair detangler)


Hair care routines are unique — just like you and your très chic tresses. For medium- to long-length hair or hair that falls on the curly spectrum (we’re talking beach waves to tight coils, and the like), detangling your strands in the shower is an ideal strategy.

Woman demonstrating how to detangle long, wet hair with comb
  1. Cleanse hair using your favorite OGX shampoo
  2. Squeeze excess water and apply OGX conditioner with your fingers
  3. Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute conditioner through your hair to saturate strands and detangle knots

For hair that’s extra knotty, we suggest slathering on an OGX hair mask and allowing it to penetrate your strands for 3-5 minutes before going in with the comb and then rinsing. It’s an excellent hair detangler that goes the extra mile to help add moisture and repair breakage.

You can also get rid of tangles after you’ve showered as part of your styling prep. If you have curly hair and want to know how to detangle curly hair without the ouch-factor, pay close attention to step number two.

  1. Squeeze excess water and gently towel (or tee) dry hair
  2. Use a wide-tooth comb to work through knots, starting from the bottom and making your way up
  3. Spritz or smooth on your favorite OGX styling product for the perfect look.

Tangle-prevention is key, of course. So, we put together five bonus quick tips to help keep your hair from getting tangled up in the first place.

  1. Sleep on a silk pillowcase.
  2. Use an OGX hair mask at least once a week.
  3. Tie your hair in a top knot before bed.
  4. Trim the ends.
  5. Wear your hair in braids.

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