The hairstyle of the summer is the 90s blowout, but let’s be honest – this classic look never went out of style. Sexy and timeless, this hair styling technique focuses on silky face-framing pieces and fluffy volume. The hair looks healthy and shiny, and a new wave of tools and products is making this salon-fave easier than ever to do at home.

Once you master the 90s blowout technique it will become a staple in your routine. And the best part? You can even do it without rollers. While the velcro rollers will always be a classic, you can also use a blowdryer and a round brush, or a blow dry brush that combines the two.

This look can be created on most hair types, but different hair types will generally require different styling products. Naturally straight or thin hair will need more volume-boosting products with hold, while curlier textures will do better with smoothing, frizz-fighting products.

Nailing the 90s blowout for your hair cut and texture can take practice, but the foundation of this iconic style is the same. This is how to get a 90s blowout at home – it’s easier than you may think!

1. Wash, Protect & Rough Dry

The key to a swishy 90s blowout that lasts is all in the prep. You want to start with freshly washed hair, so shampoo and condition with your favorite OGX® line. Squeeze the excess moisture out with a towel, and apply a heat protectant to damp hair. Our Protecting + Silk Blowout Quick Drying Thermal Spray is infused with hydrolyzed silk and quinoa and helps prime hair for a blowout that is shiny and soft. And as a bonus: it will even cut down the drying time. Spray on damp hair from roots to ends before rough drying your hair until it’s about 80% dry. No need to be precise here, that comes later!

2. Prep Your Hair

Once the hair is 80% dry, it’s time to prep it with a smoothing product. Our Frizz-Free + Keratin Smoothing Oil Miracle Gloss Spray is a multi-tasker that works to strengthen hair, improve flexibility, protect against humidity, keep hair frizz-free and boost shine. Oh, and cherry on top? It happens to smell like a tropical paradise, too. Spritz this wonder spray from roots to ends, making sure to section the hair to get it in those hard to reach areas. You could also spray it on each individual section as you start to blow dry.

3.Section & Dry

Now, this is when your blowout comes to life. Split your hair into three sections: the back, the top and the sides. Starting from the back, use your blow dryer and round brush (or blow dry brush) to smooth each section and create a bend. Pull it taught and face the nozzle down the hair shaft to achieve an extra smooth, shiny finish. Be patient here and make sure each section is totally dry before moving on. For extra volume, overdirect the hair at the root so it falls into fluffy, bouncy waves. The back and top sections should be curled under, while the side sections should be dried with the bend going away from the face.

For even more volume (seriously, the limit does not exist), wrap each section onto a velcro roller in the direction that you dried it. Pin them in place, and let your hair cool down for at least 20 minutes. While rollers can be intimidating and aren’t a necessity, they actually make it easier to nail this classic style… with a bit of practice!

4. Set Your Hairstyle

After going through the effort to give yourself a chic, flirty blowout, you want to make sure it lasts. The trick is to apply a hairspray that provides both hold and flexibility – this will keep your hair looking soft and bouncy without losing its shape. Our Extra Strength Shine & Revitalize + Argan Oil of Morocco Multi-Benefit Hairspray is a lightweight spray that boosts body with no hint of crunchiness. Frizz-fighting and shine-enhancing, this hairspray is infused with argan oil to keep your 90s blowout looking fab from that morning matcha to those evening cocktails.

If you used a blow dryer or blowout brush, flip your hair upside down and spritz this hairspray over the lengths of your hair. If you used the velcro rollers, spray it on the cooled-down hair before you remove them. Finally, flip your hair back up or remove the rollers, and do a final spritz to set those face-framing pieces. And… voila! Your perfect 90s blowout.

This iconic look is a timeless style to take you through the summer and beyond. With the right tools, techniques and products, it’s easier than ever to get a salon-worthy blowout at home. Get ready to swish that hair and turn heads – the 90s are back!

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